EcoFlow Compliance Statement

Ecoflow Inc. and its subsidiaries, branches and offices ("EcoFlow" or "We") have always adhered to the core values of operating with integrity, abiding by business ethics and holding to the bottom line of compliance. We strictly comply with all applicable rules of business activities, including PRC laws, international standards and practices, and laws and regulations of the places where we operate business, and we insist that compliance management is fully integrated into our internal management. We value and continue to foster a culture of integrity, requiring every employee and partner to comply with the Code of Business Conduct.

EcoFlow respects internationally recognized human rights and requires that it and its supply chain not participate or engage in modern slavery or other human rights abuses. We believe that every human being should be treated with fairness, respect and dignity. We strive to conduct our business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner and hold our partners to the same principles.

EcoFlow upholds and complies with all relevant export control laws and regulations. We will not export, re-export, or transfer Controlled Items in violation of applicable laws, including those related to denied parties and restricted destinations. We steadfastly adhere to these export control obligations to ensure regulatory compliance.

EcoFlow conducts its business globally with fairness, integrity and transparency, and strictly prohibits bribery or any other form of corruption. It is our policy to fully comply with applicable anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate, including any relevant anti-corruption and anti-bribery requirements and guidelines.

EcoFlow earnestly fulfills its relevant legal obligations and social responsibilities, focusing on the management of financial compliance risks such as financial sanctions, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing. We invest ongoing efforts into the building a financial compliance system and the strengthening of employee awareness of financial compliance.

EcoFlow focuses on environmental and ecological protection, and continuously improves the quality of our products and services while adhering to the green development path. We are constantly exploring ways to improve our product design, raw material procurement, material transportation, consumption emissions, waste utilization and recycling. We always committed to maximize environmental and health protection.

EcoFlow is committed to establishing and improving an effective, sustainable and trustworthy cyber security and privacy protection system based on compliance with applicable national and regional laws and regulations, international standards and reference to regulatory agencies, customer requirements and industry best practices. We fully understand the importance of privacy protection and are committed to protecting the privacy and data security of consumers, customers, suppliers, partners, employees and other relevant entities.

EcoFlow values and protects intellectual creations, and upholds the idea that protecting intellectual property is equivalent to protecting innovation. We will persevere with independent R&D, independent innovation and self-transcendence, and are committed to contributing EcoFlow's innovations to the world. We firmly oppose and condemn any infringement of intellectual property rights and trade secrets.

EcoFlow will continue to take compliance management as a foundation part of our development and survival of the business, forge our brand name with responsible actions, and develop steadily with strict self-discipline.

This statement will be reviewed annually and be revised when is needed.

Reporting channels

If you find that any employees or partners of EcoFlow violate the requirement of laws and regulations, you can report it in the following ways, EcoFlow promises to keep the whistleblower and the content strictly confidential.

Reporting Email:

Reporting Landline: +86 755-86103385-8002

Reporting Mobile phone: +86 17744931236